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Baradari Restaurant | Jaipur | Studio Lotus


Using age-old artisanal techniques, architecture firm Studio Lotus renovated the cafe at Jaipur’s City Palace into Baradari, a restaurant where traditional craftsmanship meets contemporary design. Al fresco dining in a courtyard that’s several centuries old, relishing laal maas (mutton curry) with scalloped potatoes and brie kachori (a savoury snack)—it makes for an impeccable scene. While the former is a twist on a traditional favourite from Rajasthan, the latter is a popular street food in India. In Baradari at the City Palace, Jaipur, however, both dishes are redefining the gastronomic vocabulary. It’s not just the food that’s getting reinvented; the building of this fine-dining restaurant—which opened earlier this year—is a fitting tribute to the rich heritage and craftsmanship of several anonymous yet talented artisans. This is a place with a strong personality, an example of how design brings inherent value to a place when conventions on conservation and adaptive reuse are looked at through a fresh lens. studiojohns is proud to have automated the lights in the project using Hager products.

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