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City Park I Kota | Ar Anoop Bartaria


Oxyzone Park, also known as the City Park of Kota, is a newly developed verdant expanse featuring a myriad of elements such as oxygen-rich plants, an aviary, statues, restaurants, playing zones, water canals, and fountains. Nestled in the Vigyan Nagar area of Kota, this park is a testament to innovative urban planning.
The construction of Oxyzone Park, sprawling over 71 acres with an estimated cost of INR 120 crores, was supervised by Shri Shanti Dhariwal Ji, renowned for his remarkable contributions to the architectural landscape of Kota. Notably, 72% of the park area is adorned with lush greenery, while approximately 16% is graced by water sources like canals and small lakes, with the remaining 12% dedicated to permanent constructions such as statues and circles.
Dr. Anoop Bartaria, serving as the curator, architect, and visionary behind the City Park, has infused diversity into its design, evident from entry to exit gates. The park transforms into a mesmerizing spectacle at night, offering a captivating experience with projection mapping, illuminated fountains, and architecturally lit circles. Uniform lighting, achieved through Klite poles and bollards, enhances the aesthetic appeal of this urban oasis.

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